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Legal Leaders Need Legal Matter Management Automation

The modern enterprise’s Legal Department leader balances a number of often competing interests, from matter management to corporate governance to contract management to brand protection, and a host of other activities.

The Legal team’s role, while frequently not well understood by many outside of the group, is critical to the business and those they support. Employees, contractors and others who regularly interact with and rely upon the legal team understand the importance of the role. However, in many cases they suffer the consequence of working with an otherwise highly effective team that is unnecessarily hampered by archaic and burdensome tools and systems, if any exist at all.

These outdated systems and the inefficiencies they create cause downstream effects for other business functions, processes and employees. Delays in managing common matters like Contract Reviews could potentially lead to lost revenue or other severe impacts on the overall organization. Even managing simple matters and common requests can become overwhelming if not managed in a consistent and productive manner.

What if…

  • Legal document traceability could be significantly more efficient.
  • Issue prioritization and routing could be easier to manage.
  • Corporate governance practices could be simpler to enforce and manage, not to mention easier for employees to comply with.
  • Better contract management practices could return thousands and quite possibly millions of dollars to your bottom line.
  • Brand protection issues could be handled not as nuisance-like fire drills but rather within a pre-determined, step-wise workflow.
  • Expensive legal staff time could be allocated to much more business-critical matters.
  • Legal could easily categorize common issues and generate useful metrics and other intelligence to help run the business better.
  • Employee-related issues could be addressed and resolved quickly to improve productivity.

Enter Legal Matter Management Automation – time-tested service management applications and processes that enable a system custom-tailored for your business and Legal to other lines of business.



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