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Security Operations

Cyber threats and security requirements continue to grow and increase in complexity with digital evolution.

In a typical large enterprise, security teams are inundated with multiple feeds of information and analytics. In parallel, attacks via various vulnerabilities continuously target critical business services, infrastructure and users.

To manage, Security and IT Operations must work closely together but many of these enterprises have a reliance on manual processes, cross-team hand-offs and separate silo systems – this impacts the security team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Today’s broken process…look familiar?

Cyber is now an innate part of IT delivery, not a bolted-on afterthought. The intersections among ITSM/CMDB, delivery processes, and Cyber have never been more necessary.



It provides a single platform for managing security incidents and vulnerabilities.  It closes the gap between Security and IT Operations – enhancing and automating these mostly manual, inefficient processes.  A natural fit for ServiceNow.

With CSC’s extensive cybersecurity and security operations experience matched with our deep Service expertise, we are confident that we can help improve your security operation management and performance.

Contact us to find out more and download the PDF here.




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