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Change Enablement

Experience shows that the most successful change efforts include a conscious effort to understand and manage the impact to people as well as the affected organization.  At Fruition Partners, we specialize in ITSM Change Enablement consulting; providing a practical solution that is tailored to the unique needs of an organization and strategically aligned to the program work plan.

The Fruition Partners Change Enablement program leverages the change, communications, and training pillars to grow, engage and sustain user adoption. Each pillar focuses on the key aspects of change that prepare people to succeed in their new work environment. Our collaborative approach delivers true transformation by stimulating the organization’s need for change by cultivating advocates, supplying targeted and timely communications and delivering a comprehensive role-based training program.

With the appropriate knowledge, skills, and coaching, you can ensure your employees are knowledgeable on the specific changes facing their role and are comfortable with their new responsibilities. This drives user adoption, higher employee productivity and highlights the value of a mature ITSM shop to the rest of your business.



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