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Fruition Partners Advisory Services: We’ve spent the last ten years planning your next three months.

Service Management successes are at the core of Fruition Partners. With over a decade of helping organizations solve problems efficiently, we know how to help. We deliver value quickly and in manageable phases, while preserving the context of your long term goals. Whether you need practical guidance as part of a ServiceNow implementation, or you’re addressing your own unique strategic challenges, our offerings are proven to be effective and efficient.

Four Lens Approach

Our unique Four Lens approach calls for a critical review of services, organization, process and technology. Applying these four lenses allows customers to view things from a different perspective and assists in connecting the dots between service delivery functions.

Visit the Four Lens page to learn more

Continual Service Improvement as a Service (CSIaaS)

Organizations spend thousands of dollars on ITSM tool implementations but too often fail to consider how to demonstrate a return on that investment. Modeled after the very popular SaaS business model, CSIaaS continually improves the effectiveness and efficiency of services and processes to create a culture of improvement that impacts the success of future improvement projects.

Visit the CSIaaS page to learn more

Assessment and Roadmap

You know there is room for improvement in your IT Service Management operations and capabilities. But before you can answer the the question of ‘how do we get there?’, you need to know where you are now. In 4-5 weeks, our 5 til ITIL program provides a current state assessment and an actionable multi-year roadmap laid out in three manageable phases – Crawl, Walk, Run. The strategy includes sustainable, targeted improvements in People, Process, and Technology specific to your organization’s goals and challenges.

Download the 5 til ITIL data sheet to learn more

Change Enablement

You need more than the right system and process standardization to transform your IT Service Management capabilities. Our Change Enablement practice delivers true transformation within your IT organization by cultivating advocates, supplying targeted and timely communications and delivering a comprehensive role-based training program.

Visit the Change Enablement page to learn more

Architecture Services

To ensure you get the most out of your ServiceNow investment, our Architecture as a Service program helps provide oversight to ensure the technical implementation and integrations are done in a flexible, robust, and scalable manner. This includes ensuring you are managing your environments and code promotions properly, leading core setup & data management discussions, and providing guidance around ServiceNow upgrade planning.

Visit the Architecture Services page to learn more

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