With ServiceNow launching their feature rich Geneva release today, we wanted to share our take on the top 5 features that will make you want to upgrade tomorrow!

  1. Connect – this feature is renamed in Geneva after being introduced as Collaboration in Fuji and has a number of great enhancements and a completely redesigned user interface.  When this feature was initially introduced in Fuji it was a chat interface to facilitate collaborative work on tasks and was not meant to be a replacement for the existing chat functionality.  With Geneva it is now a replacement for the legacy chat application and there are a number of new enhancements including online status and presence so users can see who else is online along with an indicator to show when users are viewing or typing during chat sessions, configurable notifications accompanied by browser tab blinking for new messages, the ability to mention someone in a group conversation by using the @ character, the ability to create conversations directly from a visual task board, and don’t forget you now have the ability to include emojis with operating systems and browsers that support it.
  2. Edge Encryption – ServiceNow is rolling out this feature to help organizations protect sensitive data that is stored within the platform and is an end-to-end native solution to manage data encryption.  This is meant to help customers solve a number of challenges such as sovereignty concerns, regulatory compliance, and data loss prevention.  It acts as a proxy application that is located in a customer’s environment and encrypts data before it is sent over the internet to ServiceNow using the customer defined encryption keys and the data remains encrypted while in ServiceNow’s database.  When the instance is accessed within a customer’s network, the encrypted data is sent back to the proxy application and is decrypted before it is displayed in the user’s browser.  This allows for both encryption of attachments on a table basis and for particular fields.
  3. Service Mapping – this new application is one that customers have been waiting for and is the native ServiceNow application that replaces the stand-alone ServiceWatch product.  The user interface is HTML-based now that it is part of the ServiceNow UI, Service Mapping leverages MID servers instead of ServiceWatch’s collectors to discover devices on private networks, credentials used by the application now can reside within the ServiceNow credential store, and finally the SaaS deployment hosted model on Amazon is now replaced by a cloud deployment hosted in ServiceNow’s data centers.
  4. Customer Service Management – ServiceNow continues to expand the platform across the enterprise and have added a number of enhancements to applications like Human Resources, Facilities, and are rolling out this brand new application in Geneva called Customer Service Management.  This application allows you to manage your customer accounts and any questions or issues they have in ServiceNow’s new case management application.  The new application also leverages a number of other features in the ServiceNow platform such as CTI softphone integration, customer satisfaction surveys, and a number of reports using Performance Analytics. While the case management application certainly simplifies things for Geneva users, Catamaran demonstrated to us last year that case management can easily be built from scratch.
  5. Security Operations – with security threats being on the forefront of most people’s mind these days, ServiceNow launched two new applications in Geneva that allow for visibility into the state of an organization’s security.  The first application is called Security Incident Response and implements the NIST compliant workflow in a security context leveraging many of the core features of the ServiceNow platform.  The second application is named Vulnerability Response which allows you to import security data from sources such as the National Vulnerability Database to identify vulnerable CIs or Software in the CMDB/Asset modules and then create the necessary Incidents, Problems, or Change Requests.

Our take on the top 5 features in Geneva are only a small subset of what you can expect.  There are countless other features such as a new Scripting Editor, a number of enhancements to Change Management & Service Portfolio, Microsoft Azure Cloud service orchestration capabilities, and so much more.


Geneva Workshop: An Easier Way to Upgrade

Upgrading to a new ServiceNow release can be nerve-wracking. All the new enhancements are exciting, but how do you get the most out of them without disrupting the ‘norm’?

Fruition Partners developed a half-day onsite workshop to provide you with everything you need to hit the ground running with Geneva.

Workshop Benefits:

  • High-level understanding of Geneva features
  • Platform owner and admins gain insight into upgrade process & best practices
  • Delivered by experienced architect who can address concerns and considerations
  • Low price point

Contact your local rep or email sales@fruitionpartners.com for more information on deliverables and pricing.