Breakthrough telephony software
that extends the ServiceNow
Platform with Twilio.

How To Buy 

Voice & SMS
Voice Calls & True SMS

On-call alerts, approvals and notifications via the cloud

Subscribe to any notification in ServiceNow using a phonenumber and receive voice calls instead of emails. Or, receive true SMS messages you can reply to.

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On-Demand Scalability

Scale Big, Pay Pennies 

Global cloud communications purchased by the minute and message.

Leverage Twilio’s cloud communications infrastructure and avoid up-front capital expenditures. Avoid the complexities of on-premise telephony solutions and start accepting calls and SMS for just a penny per minute or message.*

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PaaS Development

Build Voice & SMS Cloud Application 

Elevate ServiceNow Service Automation Platform Applications To The Next Level.

Create the next generation of enterprise applications by combining advanced communications capabilities with the valuable metadata already in your ServiceNow instance.

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Supported by true partners.

Rely on TeleBridge 2013 now and in the future.

By choosing TeleBridge 2013, your ServiceNow voice and SMS applications will be supported by a leading ServiceNow partner. With our outstanding implementation services and ongoing managed services you’ll have freedom to do the cutting edge stuff with confidence.