On January 15, 2014, Fruition Partners announced the acquisition of Manta Group. Below are some frequently asked questions to describe the purpose, benefits, and expected impact of the acquisition.

What is Fruition Partners announcing?

Manta Group will be acquired by Fruition Partners to bring an industry-leading portfolio of services and technology to the expert consulting services provided by Manta to customers in Canada, throughout North America and worldwide.

This brings together two of the most experienced and capable ServiceNow partners in the world as evidenced by endorsements from ServiceNow:  Manta Group is the only full service ServiceNow partner in Canada offering professional, technical, reseller, education and managed services and the only authorized ServiceNow training provider in Canada. Fruition Partners is one of ServiceNow’s two Master Solutions Partners worldwide, and the largest ServiceNow-exclusive service management consulting firm.

Why are the two businesses doing this?

This acquisition will enhance the offer we can provide to our client base through our combined industry experience, advisory expertise, research and development investment, training capability and implementation resources.

By working together, we will be able to invest more in developing new solutions, methodologies and technologies to better meet the needs of our diverse and demanding customer base levering the ServiceNow platform, which will in turn enhance our market leading position.

How big is the new business?

The combined business will have over 300 practitioners covering ServiceNow, cloud development and Service Management consulting capabilities. Fruition Partners remains the largest ServiceNow-exclusive Master Solutions Partner in the world. 

What impact will this have on customers?

This announcement will not have any impact on the level of service or support that you can expect from Fruition Partners or Manta Group.  Manta’s strong customer relationships are a key value in the acquisition and we will strive to do nothing to disturb these relationships.  We are not making any short-term organisational changes and our management team is fully focused on delivering to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Over time, we believe that this acquisition will have significant benefits for our customers and partners in Canada and around the world.  We are committed to keeping you fully informed at all stages.  We see particular benefits for our customers in terms of access to Manta Group and Fruition Partners’ shared IP, codebase, knowledge base, R&D, training capabilities, managed services and implementation resources, and ServiceNow expertise. 

What’s happening to my sales rep/account manager/consulting team?

We aren’t making any changes to your customer experience at this time as a result of the acquisition.  Your contacts will remain the same, and do get in touch with any of them if you have any concerns or questions.  Depending on your needs, you may see some new faces and voices adding input for specialized knowledge, subject matter expertise, or exploration of learning from other customer experiences.  We intend to continue to deliver services locally in Canada and throughout North America, and that is part of the purpose of the Manta acquisition.

Does this mean you will be changing the way you work with customers?

We don’t foresee any immediate changes in the way we work with customers. We will continue to collaborate with you to deliver great results, and challenge you where we believe that will add value.  We value the excellent feedback that we get from customers and are only pursuing this acquisition because we believe it will enhance our customers’ experience in the long-term.

To this end, we will be looking at what we can learn from each other’s processes and methodologies to improve what we do.   All changes will be introduced gradually and communicated fully in advance.  In many cases this will lead to more flexibility for our customers.

What new opportunities does this bring us?

We believe that this acquisition should only benefit our customers.  We see particular benefits for you in terms of access to Manta Group and Fruition Partners’ shared IP, codebase, knowledge base, R&D, training capabilities, implementation resources, and ServiceNow expertise.  Fruition’s ambitious and varied customer base has allowed us to engage with service management challenges across the spectrum of industry and company type.   Manta’s significant experience in management consulting and governance has already begun to add value to our consulting organization.  Together, we will deliver solutions which create great value for our customers.

For more information about the acquisition or Fruition Partners, please contact us.