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An accelerated path to implementing ServiceNow across the entire enterprise

IT Best Practices

Enhance Core IT Apps and Processes

Achieve a new level of IT process maturity using enhanced Incident, Problem, Change and Knowledge applications along with 20 new KPIs. Your implementation will start with a workshop discussion of your major IT processes and aligning to best practices that are pre-built, documented and tested in LIFT.

Unified Service Delivery

Jumpstart Service Management for the Entire Enterprise

The USD framework is a proven approach to intake and resolution of issues and requests across service organizations. USD drives efficiency and a seamless support experience when multiple groups spread across IT, HR and elsewhere must come together to serve the needs of employees.

Pre-Built Self-Service CMS Portal

Improve UX With Modern Web Design Quality

Reduce service delivery costs by providing employees direct access to Service Catalog, Knowledge and Tickets. This pre-built self-service CMS portal allows turnkey activation of IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, Legal or any other service organization brought to the platform.

Who Should Consider LIFT Enterprise?

Organizations that want a quick start to enterprise-wide transformation. LIFT Enterprise uses a proven delivery methodology to provide thought leadership and solve enterprise service management challenges, while still giving organizations the opportunity to engineer the support processes.

If LIFT Enterprise is too much for your current needs, LIFT can provide a simple, best practice ITSM platform in only 2-3 weeks.

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