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Lift your organization to the upper reaches of the ITAM maturity model

Start with Best of Breed

Preconfigured ITAM Best Practices

ITAM Expedition provides customers with a pre-defined accelerated roadmap to implementing a mature IT Asset Management Program. A focus on automation along the way allows an organization to maximize the value from the program while reducing the administrative effort to maintain data accuracy.

Join the Journey

Continue to Grow IT Asset Maturity

ITAM Expedition offers 4 unique maturity levels- Base, Ascent, Crest, Summit - to accommodate your current program goals. The recommended progression through these maturity checkpoints reduces the time to implement, rapidly addresses key pain points, and accelerates the full value from a mature ITAM program to the business.

Value Focused Program

Maximizing Value from Asset Data

Key challenges are addressed throughout the expedition starting from the basics of inventory management and extending to strategic challenges such as Lifecycle Process Governance, Hardware/Software Refresh, Inventory Optimization, Software Audit & Compliance, and Service Modeling.

Who Should Consider ITAM Expedition?

New and existing customers of ServiceNow who are looking to start or continue their path towards high maturity IT Asset Management (ITAM).

ITAM Expedition helps organizations achieve focused value for their organization while reducing time of implementation by following a predefined, prescriptive solution. The ITAM Expedition products - Base, Ascent, Crest, Summit - can be implemented individually or bundled to address your current maturity goals and pain points while maintaining a best practice path to ITAM maturity.

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