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Maximize Service Desk Efficiency with Integrated Remote Support

Increased Service Desk Performance

Support desk reps can launch Bomgar support sessions from submitted ServiceNow incidents and immediately begin solving a problem. Support Desk reps or any ITIL users can start a Bomgar session on an unattended machine using Bomgar’s Jump technology for CIs from any task form (i.e. incidents, change requests, etc.). End users can also request to ‘Get Support Now’ directly from your ServiceNow self-service portal, after creating an incident.

Data Integrity & Detailed Auditing Capabilities

With Bomgar intertwined with ServiceNow, there is no need for a rep to manually enter Bomgar support session notes into an incident. Customer surveys are automatically generated and sent back to ServiceNow and linked to the incident or task record where they were started.

Optimized View of Remote Support Performance

This integration provides a complete view of the incident life cycle. Upon completion of the Bomgar session, details including chat transcript, work notes logged on the representative console, files that were transferred, and links to view any session recording or command shell recordings are stored in ServiceNow!

How To Buy

Our Bomgar integration is available as a certified integration for the Calgary, Dublin and Eureka ServiceNow platforms. The integration is sold as a package that includes the Bomgar B300 appliance (or the latest appliance from the Bomgar Corporation), the certified Bomgar Integration (the version will depend on the ServiceNow platform), a Bomgar enterprise license to activate the appliance, a first year maintenance and support agreement, a knowledge transfer session on the integration and an eLearning course on how to operate and administer the Bomgar appliance. Both the knowledge transfer and eLearning course will be delivered within 30 days from the purchase date.

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