We at Fruition Partners, a CSC company, are very honored and humbled to be recently recognized by the research firm HfS as the Leader in the Winner’s Circle for ServiceNow services providers. This recognition is an acknowledgement of the dedication, passion and capabilities of our people and their service to our customers. Our competition includes the largest services companies in the world, many of whom we’ve worked with over the years.  In a high growth cloud services company we too often focus on what is next without appreciating what is now, for fear we will be behind the constant pace of change,  But it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how we got here, the state of our market, and where we are going.

HfS Quadrant 2016

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Growing a cloud services business has been an ever constant challenge with rewards and dark alleys at every turn.  While Fruition Partners started 13 years ago, our real growth came from the focus, hope and investment we made in a small 40 person software startup called ServiceNow back in 2008.  At the same time other like-minded entrepreneurs around the world were making similar bets on ServiceNow and creating services practices that we would all grow in parallel and eventually merge to form our current global practice under the Fruition Partners brand.  In our own ways we’ve stretched the boundaries of our capabilities through patience and perseverance and have strived to swing above our weight class to create a world-class professional services organization.

The HfS report is the first of it’s kind to focus on the ServiceNow ecosystem, one we are intimately familiar with but one that has also been obscured by lack of transparency.  Clients have long needed an objective measure of service provider expertise and quality beyond a provider’s budget for event sponsorship.  We are extremely pleased with our position as a market leader and the overall transparency of the HfS research.  That transparency reveals what we believe is most important, that if we invest in the capabilities of our people while ensuring customer satisfaction and success we will garner a reputation for results and innovation.

As we move into the next phase of growth of both ServiceNow and the supporting services ecosystem, what is apparent is that focus and leverage will lead to growth.  As ServiceNow expands it’s platform to compete with SalesForce in the customer relationship space, the service providers in this ecosystem will need to assess their loyalties.  Among the list of larger providers represented in the HfS research, they all have larger practices for SalesForce than they do ServiceNow, except for Fruition/CSC. We have a singular focus with bets placed on the continued growth of ServiceNow.  The coming ‘platform wars’ will divide providers due to vendor relationships and skillsets, much as it did between BCM and ServiceNow in the early days.   Additionally, organic growth in ServiceNow capabilities by these larger players will be throttled by their ability to either convert current skills of resources from legacy systems like BMC or attract and acquire the remaining ecosystem providers.  Both are challenging propositions and we may see a wider distribution of capabilities in the future release of the HfS BluePrint report as providers invest or retreat.

Looking forward for Fruition Partners we are eager to leverage the digital transformation journey CSC is leading with customers to fuel the growth of our practice and offerings.  Our integration within CSC and soon HPe is leading to the extension and integration of ServiceNow into cybersecurity, industry verticals, and platform applications.  The scale and breadth of capabilities we know have access to as part of one of the largest services providers in the world means we can provide more opportunities for our people and more industry specific solutions for our customers.  As ServiceNow usage expands within every customer by integrating disparate service silo’s, Fruition will be an active participant in defining the cloud service management future.

From all of us at Fruition Partners, we look forward to the challenge and hope to be a part of your journey.