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March 30, 2017


10:00 - 10:30am CDT


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Webinar: Stop Coding Your Integrations! Configure Them!

There are a thousand ways to slay a dragon when it comes to integrating your ServiceNow instance with other tools in your environment or even another ServiceNow instance.  This is great, unless you’re trying to support multiple integrations done by multiple admins in multiple ways.

Do you have the following challenges with your integrations?

  • No central place to view all inbound or outbound integrations
  • No real structure or standardization around process level integration
  • 80% of solutions are heavily coded vs configured
  • No built-in tracking or logging
  • Must custom build any tracking or logging
  • No error handling
  • No Field Value Mapping
  • Have to be hand-coded
  • No clean options for managing multiple integrations on a single record

Fruition Partners has solved these challenges. Join us on Thursday, March 30 for a 30-minute webinar that will provide a firsthand look at Lean Integration Nerve Center, or LINC.

LINC is a new application within ServiceNow that allows you to CONFIGURE your integrations instead of CODING your integrations. The result is a more intuitive integration framework that provides massive time-saving value.

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