“We would like to commend Lynsey Hathcock on her excellent work as OCM consultant to WorleyParsons. Lynsey is a brilliant wordsmith, outstanding at creating presentations, deeply insightful into organizational complexity and governance, and has a gentle but persuasive manner. She has continually presented us with high quality materials. She responds quickly to requested changes and adapts smoothly on the fly. But above all these feats of excellence, I want to commend Lynsey for her ability to walk the tightrope of our complex program. Not only does she represent us very well at the program level (or supply the materials for others of us to present) but she effectively communicates to and works with our Program level OCM lead. Because of the many competing needs for communication at the program level, Lynsey can turn on a dime and respond quickly in the face of rapidly evolving program level requirements with a cheerful spirit and an open and receptive mind, always responding positively in the face of rapidly changing demands. Lynsey is a highly valued consultant to WorleyParsons and we are deeply appreciative of the many gifts she brings to bear on our work.”

Allan Mossbarger (Project Manager) of WorleyParsons Services Pty Ltd