Executive Summary

At this particular investment management firm, things move quickly. And it’s the Service Desk team that is setting the fastest pace. Before implementing ServiceNow back in April 2014, the Service Desk Manager and the rest of his Service Desk colleagues already had a post-implementation support strategy in place – a wise choice considering this can be a detrimental oversight for new ServiceNow customers. Instead of going the traditional route with in-house support, the company outsourced to Fruition Partners Management as a Service for a full project experience. As a result, they now have a resource that can move just as quickly as them. Since forging the relationship last year, the company has cruised through their ServiceNow project list, completing several significant projects related to IT service management, workflow management, and asset management across IT, Legal, and Business Operations. There’s a good chance that if you ask them what they plan to do this month, they’ll have a different answer next month. That’s just how swiftly they’re able to move with a team of ServiceNow experts at their disposal.

Company Background

A Chicago-based investment management firm that manages over $100 billion in assets as of December 31, 2015. The company was founded in the 1970s on the premise that delivering successful investment results for clients requires a consistent investment philosophy, a commitment to superior investment research, and a high level of customer service.


From the very beginning, the Service Desk Manager knew what was needed to maximize the value of his company’s ServiceNow platform – experienced ServiceNow resources that could get his ambitious platform ideas off the ground.

As a service management professional and ServiceNow user for the last 10 years, the Service Desk Manager has seen both the good and bad with ServiceNow administrative support. So when it came time to discuss the company’s post-implementation support strategy, he was adamant that they oppose in-house support. For one, the odds of finding in-house ServiceNow administrators that have sufficient process and development experience is, in his view, like winning the lottery. In addition to the limited talent pool, he did not want to waste time with training and ramp up efforts. In order to enable true transformation, he needed a team of proven ServiceNow experts that rejected red tape nonsense and got things done.


While the shortcomings of in-house platform support were certainly a factor in the decision-making process, it was the Service Desk Manager’s previous customer experiences with Fruition Partners that ultimately drove the decision to go with Fruition Partners Management as a Service Solution. According to the Service Desk Manager, “the familiarity with the way Fruition Partners does things made it easy to adapt to how I wanted to do things.” This like-minded approach allowed his company to augment development efforts while keeping the team lean.

It wasn’t just aligned strategies and outlook that attracted the Service Desk Manager to Fruition Partners Management as a Service Solution though. Having on-demand access to the same team of experienced ServiceNow Architects, Business Analysts, and Senior Developers that shared his tenacity provided assurance that he had essential utility players in place to help fulfill the company’s platform objectives. For the Service Desk Manager, it was critical to have a very swift team that could take an idea, move it into production, and immediately rectify any issues.

To date, the Service Desk Manager’s company has proven that it knows what it wants. Since going live with ServiceNow about a year ago, he and his team have accomplished several significant cross-organization projects that would take most companies years to complete. By operationalizing and automating IT first, he was able to demonstrate to other business units how mature processes, workflows, and metrics could be repurposed to solve departmental issues. As expected, other business units began to take notice including Legal and Compliance, which recently rolled out a robust task scheduler program to help with visibility, escalation, and execution of activities. This was a huge victory since the financial and reputational integrity of the organization was at significant risk if it didn’t get done.

The list of accomplishments goes on – Asset Management, Knowledge Management, Orchestration, Release Upgrades- but so does the list of future projects. According to the Service Desk Manager, there are no plans of slowing down because “Fruition Partners Management as a Service Solution provides the capacity and elasticity to accommodate our demand.”


Each day, the Service Desk Manager is reaffirmed that he made a good choice with Fruition Partners Management as a Service Solution. The platform adoption rate is the highest he’s ever seen and the hunger to use the platform to solve business problems is shared across the entire organization. With everyone buying-in, it’s the first time the Service Desk Manager has witnessed the organization coming to IT and asking “what can you do for us” and not the other way around.

When asked if there’s been any lessons learned, the Service Desk Manager assertively stated, “we avoid lessons learned by continual improvement. Because the entire process has been very transparent on both sides, it’s been a very successful year that will surely extend into 2016”. Not surprisingly, he and his team already have New Year projects on the horizon, including application access controls and a Geneva upgrade. It’s never too soon to ask what they will be doing next.

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