This blog was originally published on the ServiceNow Community Site on September 24, 2014.

The underlying framework and extensibility of the ServiceNow platform has made it an excellent solution for the enterprise. In the last two years, it’s become much more keen at enabling enterprise-wide solutions thanks to its ability to keep pace with industry consumerization.

With feature-rich releases like Eureka, it’s apparent that ServiceNow is moving in the direction of Web 3.0. This has made it so much easier for developers like myself to not only help modernize the way business services operate and interact but also the way individual customers interact with the platform everyday. A perfect example of the latter is Fruition Partners’ My Service Portal.

My Service Portal was developed to provide Fruition Partners’ clients with a single pane of glass to interact with project teams during active engagements. As the lead architect and developer for this solution, it was important to me to create a portal that helped consolidate information for end users in an intuitive, easy to use tool.  By centralizing engagement activities into a single portal, users no longer have to jump around between various forms to locate valuable project data and information. Customers can now view financial invoices (via a Salesforce integration), track Virtual Admin hours, submit project feedback and report on project metrics all through one single portal.

Of course, functionality is just one part of creating a great customer experience. People have high UX demands these days- they want a modern look and feel to resemble the websites they visit everyday. To fulfill this expectation, I used some newer JavaScript technologies beyond ServiceNow’s native CMS and Jelly framework. The table below provides a good summary of what was used to ensure My Service Portal is both responsive and intuitive.

Technologies Used Benefit(s)
Knockout JS Can bind to basic forms; specify what you want data model to look like
Twitter Bootstrap Industry standard UI framework provides baseline for look and feel

Since it’s launch six months ago, Fruition Partners’ My Service Portal has proven to be a valuable resource to project managers and executives alike. With over 500 unique logins a week from over 350 users, My Service Portal provides our customers with a quick snapshot of project deliverables, escalations, and timelines. Of course we’re continuing to tinker and improve My Service Portal with every subsequent release.  The ongoing use by our customers of this intuitive portal shows what’s possible from the ServiceNow platform and enterprise service management as a whole.

Project Dashboard

Client Dashboard